Residential Customers Commercial Customers
???  Computer Service
???  In-House Computer Service
???  Software Solutions
???  Networking
???  Wireless Networking
???  Personal Webpages
???  Computer Service
???  On-Site Computer Service
???  Software Solutions
???  Networking and Upgrades
???  Technology and Software Consulting
???  Windows Server Environments
???  Internet Connectivity
???  Peer to Peer Networks
???  Data Back-up and Archiving
???  Wireless Networking
???  Multi-media Integration
???  Leasing Programs
???  On-site Technical Support and Training
???  Digital and VOIP Phone Systems
We believe that a small business owner does not have to become an ???Internet Expert??? to have an effective Web Site on the Internet. That is why all design and technical services are included in our low monthly service fee.

??? Affordable customized web site
??? Domain Name registration fees
??? Web hosting
??? Desktop publishing/graphic design


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